Friday, July 29, 2016

The Pottery Wheel

... one of the views from the Pilling Pottery studio ...
When a piece of pottery breaks, Rebecca chants the mantra, "It came from dirt, it returns to dirt", and then she laughs off any feeling of regret about broken pieces my say, "We can make more -- don't think a minute about the loss."

Formerly I was of the opinion that the bowls she left in our kitchen were to be saved.  But this year they are out on the sideboard to be used on all occasions.

There are flatter bowls, some with high sides, some that carry a cup or less of food, some that carry 3 cups of food, some bowls that are footed and some that are pedestalled, some with decorative insides, some stamped, some imprinted with fern fronds, some with multiple glazes, some slab work and some thrown.

Yes to it being the summer to get those in circulation rather than hidden and saved.

What was I thinking of, previously?


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