Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An Island Christmas Eve Meal

The Traditional Christmas Eve Meal
at the Carter Johnson House

I would be the one who would look at this picture and be flooded with memories of the Christmases past.  At the very least of 2015 when I enjoyed Christmas in Victoria.

I used the magnification tools to find out just what kind of food was in the dish:  heritage potatoes, brownish-yellow and purple flesh, quartered and ready to be place on the raclette pan.  Then I remembered that Rebecca is the very best on the fruit and vegetable isles of her local grocery stories.  If the merchants have brought it in, she has purchased it.

The cheese looks good.

I am sure there is a pomelo around the corner to be put on the table for dessert.

The only mystery to me is the red and green item.  My best guess is that Rebecca has staged the photo for me with a Christmas decoration.


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  1. haha! the red and green item is a christmas candle with greenery around the bottom (for mood). In addition to the heritage potatos (and cheese and meats), we also chopped up green onions, and pre-boiled a bunch of garlic. The potatoes, onions and garlic then soaked up all the grease from the meats. it was a yummy-fest indeed. We ate til we could eat no more (and yes, there was a pomello, but i was the only one sampling that dish)!