Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Six Characters in Search of an Author

6 Characters in Search of an Author
The UofC websites says of Six Characters in Search of an Author that "Pirrandello, one of the twentieth century’s signature theatrical innovators, interrogates the nature of illusion and reality in this groundbreaking and prophetic work. In this vital and contemporary interpretation of the classic play, the theatre’s ‘sacred’ fourth wall is broken when ‘six characters’ appear at a rehearsal and plead for the chance to tell their stories."

Not to rest for one moment, Rebecca and I went over to the Reeve Theatre to catch one of the last performances of this work from the 1920's.  What was innovative then is pretty mainstream now.  But that is not to say it wasn't fun.

We had lovely front row seats.  I found myself laughing when the actors were entering the stage area and before anyone has said their lines.  Their warm-up pantomimes were giving me belly laughs.  By the intermission, Rebecca was asking for the spoilers.  Of course, I knew them all.  Sister dies.  Brother shoots himself.  This was one of the times that knowing more was better than knowing less.

We arrived early.  The foyer had a large screen TV on which they were running clips about Pirandello and the artist who designed the stage sets.  Very nice.  Oh no, not nice, better than that.  The one thing I have seen this week that makes me break out into a wide grin when I think about it.


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