Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lunch with your mother

"Fun to have lunch with your mother." 

 I wondered what Rebecca was talking about until she pointed at the candle.  I had decorated for lunch by taking out a candlestick of my mothers and lighting it.  

"My mother brought this back from London in 1939," I said.  "I never saw her light it.  And now I am going to."  I am on my new mission:  to use everything I have saved over the years.  One candlestick down.  Many more projects to go.



  1. Just invite the 'Reading Club' to your house Arta and they can break a lot of stuff but oh it is fun to watch them.

  2. Audra and Zachary were there, and then all of those other little souls under six years old. So sweet to see them eating and talking together. I must blog my pictures of the event -- the First Annual Reading Club Christmas Party. What a hoot!