Sunday, December 4, 2016

NT Live Richard III - notes by Ian McKellan

I went out to the web to brush up on the story, and found the best site EVER.


Sunday on NT Live is Richard III staring Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort, anyone?)

Go here, for an Interactive Ian McKellan site!   Amongst other things, he explains the opening scene of Richard III line by line.  seriously.  Awesome!   

He then shows you three filmed versions of the same scene.  His is the best.  



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  1. I took the challenge and went out to look at the site. I watched the 3 film versions of the opening speech by Olivier, McKellen and Conrad Nelson. And I also heard McKellen give a line-by-line explanation of the speech. I could hardly read the speech and get any meaning out of it when I began. By the end I could just about do the speech on my own.

    Thanks for a wonderful morning. Now I hope I can stay awake during the play. It won't matter if I go to sleep. The opening speech will be worth the price of admission.