Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Utensils

From Catherine Jarvis:

"You mean I don't have to do it with a fork?"
So you should all invite Mary for Christmas. I've never had so much fun.

First, Mary is incredible at doing just about anything using any utensils.

If the world ends I want to be near Mary cuz she'll find a way to survive and get it done with any available utensil.

Remember Christmas Eve and the salad spinner for which she couldn't find a lid?

So she spun it with her finger?  We even did a video so watchers can see that everyone has the power to make utensils work if you can only find only one-half of them.
"We should be on a cooking show called Creative Utensils101!"

Well Christmas Day she skimmed mild scum off hot chocolate using a fork and today here we are today getting the bones out of the chicken stock.

I was pulling out bones using a pasta spoon so she offered a more practical solution--my measuring cup and a sieve.

Not to be outdone.

I found a bigger and better utensil.

Using the most basics of utensils she made the most fabulous Christmas dinner ever.

Trust me, I've eating 47 years of Christmas dinners and this one will be one to remember.

I'm inviting her every year.

"Dance, anyone?"
After Christmas dinner I asked Mary if she might like to use a Christmas skirt Arta sent home with me.

I told her it was beautifully beaded but very heavy.

Not one I can use right now for fear of it being destroyed by the kids.

Mary said, sure but I'm not sure it will fit.

I replied, Mary it's a tree skirt.

So here she is in her Christmas skirt.


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  1. I can't believe that the heavily beaded and sequinned Christmas tree skirt didn't make it under the tree. Keeping something that feels too good to put under the tree is not going to work me. I need the skirt to be used for I am already on the hunt to find something ever better at the lovely sales that are now occurring.

    I spent the day with Wyona and Tonia, going from store to store. While they were looking at clothes, I was looking at one of the pop-up shops that sells Christmas decorations. I didn't see many Christmas tree skirts in that store, but I did hang around the Nativity sets. Alice plays with my glass one, which I have out all year. Not really out, but in a china cabinet and it is Alice who comes in my house, opens the door of the cabinet and takes out Mary and Joseph, and the animals and she plays with them along the ledge of the cabinet. I hear the glass pieces hitting one another and wonder how long they will last. So far -- no chips.

    So I am knowing that it's life is limited because of the use it gets, and am looking for something else. I saw a beauty reduced from $150 to $75 and noticed that as I turned the pieces over and over in my hand, I was really checking to see how sturdy they were -- would they stand up to a three year old playing with them? The only other set I have considered was one at Walmart, but it had been painted hastily, and the baby Jesus' tongue was hanging out, more like he had just finished a strenuous ball game, than like he was the perfect baby lying in a manger.

    I hope that tree skirt went back to being under the tree, and that it got some use. Since I am on the hunt for something bigger and better, does anyone want to sign up to take what I find? I might buy one for myself, for when I turn around and look at my own tree?

    No Christmas skirt.