Friday, December 30, 2016

Merry Christmas from Bonnie and David

... our temporary dog ...

Merry Christmas from Bonnie and David:

No, we did not get a dog for Christmas.

But we are temporarily hanging out with one while her owner is on vacation.

I am hoping someone can tell me what kind of a dog she is besides cute and playful.

David got an NCAA regulation size leather basketball for Cristmas.

On Christmas day his Great Uncle Dave found a pin and an air compressor, and his Great Uncle Glen gave him a lesson on how to blow it up and test if it has the right amount of air in it.

David showed each of us how high the ball bounced when he dropped it from the highest height he could lift it with one hand.

He have been practicing how to pass to someone's hand, whether they hand it up high on the right or down low on the left.

David is already good at a behind the back pass.

Heres a photo of me outside the health unit. I got a hand-knit frog hat.

It surprises some people.

The pattern was chosen by a 5 year old who sports a unicorn hat and a handknit felted skirt.

We had talked about fashion a lot as we worked on the sounds /b/ for boots, blouse, and Bonnie (of course).

Her mother hand knitted it. 

It is so comfortable.

What an unexpected surprise to have them hand deliver it to me. 

 Our decorations are now boxed up.

We had some old and some new.

... Christmas crafts on the window ledge ...
Here's a stain glass craft David made in grade 2.

And the sick snowman was made by Ramona and left on my desk. 

Another sweet surprise.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of all is the new view I have from my kitchen window. If you look closely you might see Mount Ida in the background.

I have so many people to thank for making it possible for me to move into Salmon Arm.

Bonnie Wyora

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