Sunday, December 18, 2016

Traveling to the theatre and back

... a selfie at the food court ...
When Rebecca was here, one of her goals was to take Kelvin out to the movies, or shopping or anywhere he thought he would like to go. 

That is how we discovered the joys of Eau Claire Market.

Who could ask for anything more: a food court, movies in progress and interesting ethnic shops.

I wanted to wheel Kelvin in and about the Nepalese store, and it was possible but just barely.

I hadn't realized that isles of stories aren't wheel chair friendly.

Rebecca and I were interested in eating at the mom and pop food kiosks -- one of them a curry place and the other a Chinese take-out.  We ordered the large sampler dish of the curries the first night.

The second time, Kelvin was dying for Chinese food, so he broke rank with us and ordered the classic Canadian Chinese take-out:  ginger-fried beef and deep friend pineapple chicken.
... our maiden voyage in the wheel chair lift ...

I didn't know how wheel chair access was going to work at the theatre until I got up the elevator right to the steps of the theatre.

No ramp here, but a small lift that would raise the wheel chair up about four feet.  The ticket taker had to leave her spot to key the unit into operation.  I was supposed to be able to get the wheel chair out on my own at the top, but there was a small lip at the top which I couldn't see, and of course, that I couldn't get over.

My first try only gave a thump to that edge with the wheel chair.  I used all of my strength on the second try but was stopped as well, and it is only by the grace of God that Kelvin didn't get whiplash or even be thrown out of the chair.  I know when to throw up my hands in dismay and again the ticket taker came to explain to me that the lift doesn't always stop even with the floor and that next time I should adjust it.  Odd that she didn't tell me that at first.

There is a talent to transferring patients from a wheel chair to a van.  A few more days of driving and going to events around the city, and Rebecca and I would have got the method right down.

Until then I had to count on learning through experience.
shop window at the
Son of Pharaoh in Eau Claire Market

Rebecca says I am the only person who wants to get her picture taken beside a skull.

 I don't think it was the skull in this shop that intrigued me.

 It was that so much of Egypt was in the display window. I didn't know that there was a real shop just around the corner that was full of Egyptian ware until a few days later when I was walking the same mall.

I shall miss Eau Claire now that Rebecca is gone.


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