Sunday, December 4, 2016

Laser Light Set Up

I was shopping at Costco and came across a box of laser lights named PRIME: Remote Controlled Laser Projector.   Only three sets were left.  I saw a man holding one of the boxes.  He turned it over and over, put it in his cart, and then took it out again. He retrieved it off the shelf and was studying the instructions carefully.  Back and forth it went.

Me:  What is keeping you from buying that?

Him: I am afraid someone will steal it from my lawn.

Man standing next to us and overhearing our conversation: I saw those boxes on sale at Canadian Tire.  They are $149 there and here they are $60.  If  you buy it here and it is stolen,  you will only loose half as much money.

Me to myself:  Good enough reason to buy it.

And I put a couple of boxes of them in my cart.

Miranda set up one of them in our backyard on an automatic timer.  The lights come on just as dusk sets in and go off at 8 pm when the kids have gone to bed.  Our set flashes on the east side of the wall of my house and into my bedroom window which is a lot of fun for a couple of hours.  With that timing the kids can see the light show as they sit at the table and eat their supper.

No one has stollen our lights yet.

Below is a picture of essay of Hebe and Catherine, setting the second box of lights up in their backyard.  Catherine says it is hard for the camera to truly catch the lights on their back wall, but I am sure you can get the idea of how fun it really is.  It appears that Hebe has caught one of the red lights right in her mouth.


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