Thursday, December 8, 2016

On the town

... waiting for the show to begin ...
Rebecca visits Kelvin just during a week when good theatre is going on.

Today we saw War Horse at noon

It didn't matter to Rebecca nor to me, that we had just seen the show not more than a week ago.

Kelvin wanted to go and the timing was right.

None of us cared that we had seen it before:  this was Kelvin's second time, this was Rebecca's third time, and this was Arta's sixth time.

Some shows are just good enough to be seen more than once.

After a good time at the movies, we ate at the food court afterwards, at a delicious curry spot called Delice.

What was fun was that the couple serving at the kiosk were also tending their small grand daughter behind the counter.

... an unusual window dressing ...
She was a little thing, but knew to bring a paper plate to her grandmother when she was hungry.
I heard Rebecca say to the grandmother, "Feed her first. I can wait and she is hungry."
... kiosks in Eau Claire Market ...

Rebecca had ordered a mango lassi for Kelvin and her.  She remarked on the odd taste -- yeasty and she also said she felt like there was some carbonation in it. Unexpected.  We googled it when we got home and found a plethora of recipes and a desire to try more of the unusual.  And yes, there is a lassi with that unusual flavour and texture.

Tomorrow we are going to go to London Road.  You can find it reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes

Tamara Mumford, left, and Eric Owens
in “L’Amour de Loin,”
by Kaija Saariaho
Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
Saturday is the opera:  L'Amour de Loin.

There will be a need to go to that early.

Chinook always fills up with opera lovers.

Here is Anthony Tommasini's longish and informative review.

And Tuesday we are going to see Allegiance.  If you want to join us and want to know something of the plot, here it is in a NY Times, review.

Tonight on Facebook Catherine asked how it is that Rebecca timed her visit to see all of the good shows.  Just good luck, I think.  But seeing all of these is an ambitious project.

War Horse wore us all out today.


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