Sunday, December 11, 2016

In The Gallery - Bosch

Rebecca and Kelvin on the handibus
... an outing and an appointment at Costco ...

The schedule seems punishing since Rebecca has been here.

This has been entirely our own fault.

We don't want to miss one of the appointments that have been made or one of the many wonderful events that have been playing -- ones that are easy for Kelvin to attend.

Rebecca leaves Wednesday morning, too early to get Kelvin to the Wednesday evening event called "In the Gallery": The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch.

I don't have the skill to stay awake for In The Gallery events. It would not be a toss up as to which of the HD Series puts me to sleep first. In the Gallery works for me, hands down. I can get a sleep before I go. I take good snacks. I fill myself with caffeine. Still, I can’t stay awake for the whole 2 hours of “In the Gallery”.

Before hand, I read about what I will see and then I go to the theatre with the best of intentions: to stay awake. I don’t beat myself up over falling to sleep. Just as many minutes as I can stay with the dialogue and the images is all I expect of myself.

That will be true of The Curious World of Heironymus Bosch when I go to see it on Wednesday. As of right now, I only know what I know because I have been watching Utube videos about this painter.

On reflection, I have heard of the painting called “The Garden of Earthly Delights” but I am going to get some analysis of the painting before I go to the show on Wednesday.  I have already taken a look at Alan Evan's review (3 Nov 2016) of the exhibit in The Guardian.

The Ballet is the series I like the least.  In The Gallery is the one that puts me to sleep.

Go figure why I go to either.


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