Friday, December 16, 2016

Finishing Touches

Catherine, Bonnie and Rebecca have each come for a week to see Kelvin.  In the late evenings, when they come back here to sleep, they have all found fix-it jobs to do for me.  The case in point here is Rebecca who said that there are different ways to live than having frost crawling up windows in magical design, but also being the culprit of the cold draft coming off of this basement window.

She purchased some heavy gauge insulating film (Climaloc Plus) at Home Depot and then watched U-Tube videos for method.

This was much easier on the video.
Every description seemed to involve a hair dryer to tighten the film, a measuring tape and some window measurements, scissors to cut the film and enlightenment, which she went after with a vengeance.

Her analysis is that she will be better at the job a second time around. I am to alert her when the film comes down, just so she will know how long it lasted.

I am hoping it will be good for 3 months.



  1. Fabulous job Rebecca. I remember Lurene asking in Ottawa why she felt snow on her face every morning. Greg checked her bedroom and the window pane had slipped down and there was an inch of space open to the outside. That is when Greg covered our windows with plastic which stayed for a number if years. We did our windows one by one because that is all we could afford.

    So great job. It will keep Arta warmer.

  2. Does it seem to be making a difference, Arta?

  3. Hello,

    Yes, the frost is gone from the window. The cold air that was sweeping down from the window is gone. Of course, a lovely chinook has come into town. I don't mind the wind when it brings the warm air and is picking up the snow as it blows. I was not sure that the plastic over the window would work, but it seems to have done the job. I was afraid I would feel too closed in, but all is well -- I can see outside through the window. Not as clearly as before, but there is still light and sight, so it all works.