Sunday, December 18, 2016

Betty Meets Santa

"How do you do, Mr. Santa!"
Richard and Miranda slipped by my house last night.  Two of their children were at a sleep over at their other grandmothers, so they came over to put up my magnetic knife strip, nail up my bulletin boards, and screw my my laundry racks to the wall.

Having only Baby Betty with them seemed like a charm, almost as they were alone for what can an 18 month old do but run from one spot to another, investigating.  She is the Christmas fun this year, for right now she will practise any word that you can say to her.  She wants to sing pat-a-cake or here's a ball for baby if she recognizes you as someone knowing those words.  She imitates the other kids when they play.  She is the first to grab the broom or a mop cloth when something spills. She wants to use the same eating utensils as the rest of the family.

I can hardly wait until Christmas morning when she discovers the joy of opening gifts.


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