Saturday, May 13, 2017

77th Year to Heaven with candles

I can see that it would be difficult to get 77 candles on a cake, and then have them lit, the first ones not being burned to the icing before the last ones were ignited.

Counting by tens makes it easy.

My first candle was a 7 and then the ones came after that.

Dave lit them with an electric fire started which took away all of the fun of having to remember which way to hold a match stick when trying to get the most out of one strike.

I like to have the candles burn for a long time.

But there were chants to see if I could blow them out.

I do not know why the old family story that goes with blowing out candles returned to me, but it did.

So with one fell swoop I blew as hard as I could out of the side of my mouth.
That made most of the people at the table laugh, for we have all become so old that we only need to tell or show one line of the joke and then everyone else at the table gets it.

Now THAT is getting old.



  1. Can't imagine a better way to celebrate. Do it over many days, surround yourself with loved ones and cake. Enjoy the gorgeous world around you. Wish I had been there for cake, company and mountains.

  2. And now Moiya tells me she will share the recipe for the chocolate cherry bundt cake. There is no secret to it. I just have to buy a chocolate cake mix, a can of cherry pie filling and perhaps some cream cheese for an icing that the cake really doesn't need at all.

    Here's to make cakes, even when it is not my birthday. I bought 2 new bundt cake pans. Well, not new. I got them at the Churches Thrift store, so used and practically free. Now I want to use them. Oh yes, one is for me and one is for Bonnie Wyora.