Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Who's that knocking?

This morning there was such a clatter in my kitchen.

I could only think that a bird was caught in the chimney flu and trying to get out.

But that seemed like such a weird explanation, having lived here for 23 years and catching no bird there before.

I had to go to the porch and look at the chimney.

The problem was all on the outside – a woodpecker hammering its bill on the metal. The morning sun must have been just right to give an image of a tree trunk there to fool the bird.



  1. Is that a picture of what it looked like? Have you identified what type of woodpecker it was. We occasionally get the cute and tiny downy woodpecker on a tree in our backyard. Woodpeckers are one of my favourite birds by far.

  2. That is what it looked like. The sound was horrific. That rat-a-tat tatting, from just such a tiny bird. I wanted it to be a red-headed woodpecker, but no ... just a tiny little thing.