Saturday, May 6, 2017

Water Across the Trans-Canada

We were driving to town.

The ground was saturated with water. It was running down the Larch Hills in sheets and spilling over the cliffs in new waterfalls. “I don’t know if we will make it back home,” said Wyona looking at the water gushing down the run-off troughs.

 On the way back home we came to a long line-up of vehicles just east of Canoe and I was getting ready to take the alternate highway around Mara Lake for the rain was still pounding down. Moiya grabbed her umbrella.  She had purchased a new one at the pharmacy. “This umbrella was 25 pounds in London and look, now it is $16 here.” Those were the words that convinced Moiya this was a deal not to miss.  She bought her umbrella in tandem with one Wyona was getting.

Moiya used the umbrella on the way home, hopping out of the car to catch up to a road-crew member who had just disappeared over the lake edge of the highway. “Stop, Moiya, stop,” Wyona was calling from the car. But she couldn’t be stopped and the workman told her he was checking the debris in the culverts under the road to see if the water could even run through them.

Cars in single file, we finally drove by the site, water ½ over the highway and a digger pulling tree limbs and trunks out of the pools of water that swirled on the highway.

The rain pummels the ground
as the sun sets, at the Shuswap.
I thought I had enjoyed my event of the day, but at 8 pm the rain began to pound again on Moiya’s deck. We were working on a project.  I couldn’t concentrate. I had the feeling which one word can’t describe: “I am safe on the inside of this warm house and there is a terrible fury outside.I am afraid, but just a bit”.

Wyona and I watched a hummingbird that didn’t move from the edge of Moiya’s hummingbird feeder. “The stillest I have ever seen a hummingbird,” Wyona said. She picked up the phone to Greg and said, “I know you have been waiting for a rainy day to go out and wash the car. Now is that rainy day.” Not only would the car have been cleaned, but whomever did it would have received a full body massage.

I walked out on the deck to capture the smell of the rain and to feel the 100% humidity.

The hummingbird had moved from the birdfeeder to a wind chime.  I was happy to share the space with it.


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