Thursday, May 4, 2017

Too much cow!

Too much cow!

That is what some of my kids say about D Dutchman Dairy.

And that is why I have a four litre bucket of the flavour Double Chocolate in my freezer.  I think, "Just the right amount of cow."

I usually like my ice cream in a cone, but the ice cream has to be just the right temperature to get a nicely rounded scoop.  My freezer is too cold and I am in too much of a rush to wait until the bucket gets to be the right temperature, so I dig the ice cream out with a very strong spoon and then wait until it gets to the consistency where I can stir it into a faux malt.

Ice cream, anyone?  I still have half a bucket left.  And when I am through my bucket, I am walking down to Wyona's and Greg's for last night they told me they also have the Double Chocolate, plus Sour Cherry and Cherry Cheesecake.

Three of us agree.  Just the right amount of cow.



  1. We all agree at this house too! Love Love Love!

  2. Sadly, I did not share much of the four litre bucket of Double Chocolate Ice Cream I purchased. And I could have. I just didn't! Now it is gone.

    Having put all of those calories on my own body will not shame me into buying less ice cream from D Dutchman. I am going back to B.C. next week and expecting to pass by there again. Just a tip. Their ice cream is also sold at Askews for a cheaper price. There just isn't the abundant choice of flavours.