Friday, May 12, 2017

Twas my 77th Year to Heaven - Part II

I don't want to forget the other half of my birthday gift -- going through the mountains with Wyona from the Golden to Calgary.

The trip took longer than normal.  It seems we slowed down a number of times on bridges, for cleaning crews were out blasting the side of the bridges with water.

The biggest charm of the trip occurred on the Bow River Parkway.  I saw a herd of white baby goats, maybe 7 of them, right beside the highway.  Wyona slowed down so as not to hit them.  They didn't seem interested in leaping out to the pavement, but were milling around by the side of the road, some of them munching on the new green grass.

We also saw deer down in a small gully.

Even the domestic animals were interesting in the foothills, so many herds of cows and their little ones by their sides.

Spring.  Such a lovely time for a ride.


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