Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Bald Eagles

... inching my way closer ...
I like going on day trips.

Wyona called and said that Moiya and Dave were returning from the U.S.A., and that we could drive over to Kamloops and meet them there -- preferably at Costco.

That seemed like a lot of gas to use to get to a store where we didn't want to shop, or even to a store where we would shop and buy commodities we don't really need.

Wyona said she needed to go somewhere.

She had been watching bald eagles all morning and since they wouldn't move, she thought that at least she might move.

... looking at them face on ...
Going down to the lake to see the bald eagles seemed like a better day trip to me, than going to Kamloops.

She picked me up.  I had my binoculars in one hand and my camera in the others.

Sure enough, they were still sitting there and they didn't seem to be bothered either by our car, or by the next train that whistled on by.

"Get out of the car and take your pictures," she said.  "The rain on the windshield is going to show up and ruin the images you are getting.

It is stunning to be right there under the tree, looking up and seeing the birds.

There is still a lot of deadfall on the road past the track and it is hard not to get distracted and start cleaning up the beach so that it is easier to walk.

... the bald eagles take flight ...
Whatever I did, the birds stay there -- even when I went under them and tried to look at them from every angle.

When they took leave of us, they were too quick for me to get a good shot.

Still I tried to capture them as they flew away.


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