Thursday, May 25, 2017

Six Herd of Deer

Wyona and I took the trip from Sicamous back to Calgary again.

Not everything is the same, but almost. I saw a few deer as we climbed into the pass, five around Golden, stately animals walking right through the Kicking Horse River oxbows at Field, maybe 12 all with their back-sides toward us in the Bow Valley Parkway, some in the sandbars of the Vermilion Lakes and finally, another herd of deer in the foothills as we were descending into Calgary.

There is so much construction along the road. Add to that the one-way traffic that comes from landslides and rockslides, and a couple of hours is easily added to the trip.

I say over and over again, “I love my country, and I love this part of the Trans-Canada Highway.”

Wyona just keeps her eyes on the road, a package of pistachio nuts by her side to munch on.

She is always organized so that she has an empty cup to her left for the shells.

Photo: Salmon Arm Observor
Sicamous Roundabout
There are 2 new crazy traffic circles: one at the junction of the trans-Canada and 97A at Sicamous; the other at Revelstoke.

The circle at Sicamous requires the attention of all drivers in the car unless you are willing to go around the loops a number of times. 

Although the circle at Revelstoke is easier to navigate, you have to go under the train bridge, around the circle and then back again to get to Tim Horton’s.  And that is where I saw a 3 wheeled motorcycle that looked easy enough for me to ride.  As I was circling it, two men came to ask me if it was my vehicle, so they must have been admiring its majesty as well.  I said I should be so lucky.

We used the “fill in this survey and get a free cookie” coupon at Subway in Golden. Bonnie Wyora returned it to me in Salmon Arm after I sent her up to the counter at the Dairy Queen to get a free dilly bar with a “fill in this survey and get a free cookie” coupon. I had the Dairy Queen and the Subway coupons mixed up. Bonnie said that the girl at the counter studied it a along time before she figured out it was not for their store.

An adventure every day!


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  1. This summer is the summer of trips to and from Shuswap for me. Just the way it works out sometimes. We have had some fun trips out to Shuswap and back Arta.