Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On watching the two bald eagles

... two bald eagles ...
... yellow train engine ... (I was hoping for a blue train engine)
... twinberry ...
Wyona writes:

I have been watching two bald eagles perched on a top branch of a tree now for one hour.

One bird just flew to a higher branch.

The female, being 25% larger has been sitting still the whole time.

The male has been fidgeting for the hour.

It is the male that finally moved to the top branch.

How long do I have to watch before they fly to another spot.

One of them should be sitting on the two eggs which were laid in February.

However, the eggs hatch by end of April or first of May so maybe they have hatched.

If so, the parents should be out looking for food for them.

Fly birds fly!
Fly away home
Your house is on fire
And your children are alone!

Oh, that is lady bugs.

A train went by and the birds just sat there. My camera battery is loading or I would go down and take better pictures. I don't know what for because the best pictures are on the internet.

stinky bob
Yesterday I ran down to the tracks to take photos of a yellow train engine, my first time seeing one. Then I get to the beach and there it was, a yellow American train engine in the middle of the train going full blast only this train had stopped to let another two trains go by.

The trains left. I walked up the long path between Woods and Bates. Squish, squish, ooze under my feet where the water crosses the path. Ferns, having no respect for human traffic, pop up in the middle of the path. I pick out a couple a dozen of those. (Arta asked me why I did not pick them and cook them for dinner; another name for them being fiddleheads).

I checked out my twin berry bush which is coming along just fine. Tonia and I transplanted and copied a number of twin berry bushes and planted them on the path. Marcia decided to weed one day last year and the place where she weeded was just where we had planted to twin berries. Thinking they were weeds, Marcia cropped them all off. Oh Well! Such is life! However, not gone forever because there are still a few leaves popping out.
stinky bob

And of course as I walked the path, I happened on a number of Herb Robert or Death Come Quickly, or Storksbill or as we call it 'Stinky Bob'. Uprooted those! Then upon arriving at the large cedar I sat on the bench which Teague rescued from down the beach a number of years ago. And low and behold, I spied a hill full of 'Stinky Bob', just everywhere, too many to pick with my bare hands. Now should I weed them or leave them for my grandchildren to weed?

Three hours later, four trains have gone by, and the bald eagles are still sitting on the same tree.


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