Thursday, May 18, 2017

Early Morning Fishing

Glen writes to me the following:
I saw a man and two young boys fishing off the dock this morning.

I should have taken a picture and had Wyona paint it.

She could have called it “man and two young boys” or “early morning fishing”

My view of the dock is obstructed by trees.
Others have to report "dock happenings" to me.
Arta again:

And I think to myself, have I lived here so long that I have forgotten the thrill of fishing off of the dock and catching a pike.

That is what they did.

Catch and release.

In the meantime Kerri Singh is up making delicious Indian food for breakfast.

The day is beginning right for me.



  1. At this time of the year, I begin to worry about bears. Not wanting any of my guests to be eaten, I asked Glen how safe he thought the area is. He told me that he saw a bear 2 kilometers up the hill on Saturday, but that he thought the walk to Sicamous would be fine.

    I think Greg has been out moving deadfall off of the trails. Wyona was wondering if she could have a trail warden's shirt, like the one Glen wears. He told her not unless she does the work. Greg chimmed in, "I have been doing the work. How do I log the hours so I can get one of those shirts?"

    My solution is just to go to the Church's Thrift Store. You can find everything there!

  2. Yes, I love my new leather couch from the Thrift Store.