Thursday, May 18, 2017

Makki de roti

The makki has been cooked on the first side.

Bring a pan to leave behind.
Teach me how to make the bread to use the pan
What a great gift.  
Vandan was making makki de roti for supper, a corn flour roti, and more than one for everyone. I could feel my fingers itching to take the dough and try putting it on the griddle. She show me how to make a nice edge on the dough as she patted it from a round circle to a flat circle, and then she put it on the heat.

The part I loved with the grate that was over a second burner where more heat was applied and the dough puffed up and apart. “This is the bread my dad really likes. He even likes left overs if my mom served him makki roti.” That made me laugh. I like Indian food left overs with our without fresh bread.

The makki is ready to be served.
Add butter if you can take the calories.
Manvir had another trick I will try.

She took roti she had purchased at the store and put it on the same griddle, just long enough to have it soften on one side and then the other.

She did this for the children who aren’t used to the cornflour makki.

I shall just do it when I would like a piece of flour roti with anything.


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