Friday, May 5, 2017

Rufous Humming Bird

rufous humming bird
I was telling Moiya that I am seeing the most amazing bird show from my bedroom window during the day. And just as I was telling her, a rufous humming bird hovered at my window.

I sit and type.  Bird after bird lands on a cedar branch or swoops past my deck: this time on orange humming bird, the sun glinting off of its back, the orange colours iridescent hovers at my window. The bird doesn’t pause long enough for me to watch it as long as I would wish, but I can get enough particulars about it to find it described somewhere on the web.

 I didn’t know what rufous meant, so I had to take a side trip to learn about colours, how there is a rust colour when orange goes to brown, or brown goes to orange, and in that moment the colour on this hummingbird is born: rufous.


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