Friday, February 2, 2018

Hello from Brussels

From Wyona
Feb. 01, 2018

 I forgot how many cobblestones there are in Brussels. I forgot that my feet do not bend very well. Yesterday when we were out I saw a few loose cobblestones, wanted to stop and pick one up for Teague since he lost the one he took from the Grande Place in 1983, but I was in the middle of the intersection with cars coming from 6 ways and I was hanging onto Greg because he is my ‘walker’ here so I just moved on and left the loose cobblestones loose on the street. You will have to come and pick them up yourself Teague. There is a chance I may still get one.

At night we plan our excursions for the next day. We look at the tram and bus lines, co-ordinate where we might want to go to see another part of Brussels, go from bus to tram to bus, stopping at markets, holding up an umbrella to keep dry, stopping at Leonidas and ending up at Chez Antoine’s at Place Jordan.

Glen,Janet and Arta know Chez Antoine. I am amazed at the number of circles with statues, parks, and swans, etc. Then I ask myself why did I not see all these things when I lived here for four years. What happened to my life?

Then I remember! I lived in Brussels but it could have been Regina, Cleveland, Ottawa, Calgary, Austin, Medicine Hat, or Kuala Lumper. I did all of the things you are all doing now with your young families. Have a good life while you are there doing what you do. So many memories here!

Tonia and Marcia going to the Grand Place and Rue Neuve or City 2 every weekend. Tonia, her third weekend in Cleveland going down to a square in Cleveland with her friend and coming back so disheartened because she was expecting the Grande Place.

Marcia, Teague, Tonia attending Le Verseau and then one by one they left for ISB. Marcia objecting because she spent one year more at Le Verseau than Tonia. How many trips did I take to ISB? And today I could not drive there because I do not know the way.

I remember Marcia begging to us to send her to boarding school, more than once.

Lurene wanting to go to Paris so one day when I took Billy to the Grande Place and Lurene and Charise were with me. We stopped for coffee for Billy; Lurene asked if this was Paris and I answered ‘yes’. That satisfied Lurene’s need for Paris. Tonia being sad because the farthest south she had been was the south of France and Rebecca and Bonnie were touring Europe with their Eurail pass.

I remember going to Stockell (Place du Monde) to get fries and buy fresh food at the market. Trent always wanted a BBQ’d chicken from the market and I never would buy one (too expensive). So he went one day and bought his own whole BBQ’d chicken. And then he shared it with all of us.

I remember Trent being sad because he only lived in half a house in Brussels and in Regina he lived in a whole house. His siblings chastising him because half a big house is better than a small whole house. I remember putting on the music and dancing with Charise as Thriller was playing. Then Lurene dancing for ‘muny’ on the fence post.

I remember being pregnant in Brussels and coming home with Charise and then Zoe, the two babies that enriched all of our lives with their smiles and charm. And Teague saying in Ottawa that we would not be a family without Charise and Zoe.

I remember buying a bicycle built for two, my dream come true! Then Teague and his friend rode it to Stockell, tied it to a pole, went to Rue Neuve with his friend, left the bike for a number of days tied up. When he went back to get it, it was gone.

Oh well! Dreams are just that. Dreams are goals, sometimes realized and sometimes we must update the fairy tale or dream and live happily or unhappily in our present state of circumstances. Your choice!

So many memories, too many to write. Our four years in London with so many lovely visits with family. I am still asking myself why I did not take more advantage of living abroad, and then I remember, oh yes! Every day life goes on.

Enough for today!

Trip planned for trams, buses, frites, chocolates and some shopping. No markets because it is raining and raining.

Greg needs the computer now to finish planning our excursion for today. Yesterday we got on a tram and after a few stops Greg decreed that we were going the wrong way. Off that tram, across the tracks and off we went. I don't really care where the tram goes. I am along for the ride.

Love always,


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