Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Two Day Storm

I think all of us were amazed during this winter's worst snowfall.  

Mostly at the fact that the snow just kept falling.

I was taken with the opaque colour of the world.

Being used to looking west and seeing the mountains, there was something eerie about only having opaque and sepia tones in the views around me...and no mountains to see.

This is a picture from the third floor office of my eye doctor.  You are looking at the Bow River, covered now with snow.  At the base of the leafless tree is a small bench where runners can sit and get back their breath.  

No runners on this day.  Everyone still shovelling snow.



  1. The mounds of snow in my front yard are so high by the driveway that I had to work on lowering their height to back out saftey with my car.

    A shovel full at a time, I transfer the snow over to the middle of the yard. What had seemed like one mountain of snow was revealed to be layers of ice and snow. The cross section revealed the history of January and February life. Like fossils, I discovered objects at each layer - an empty cigarette carton blown onto the lawn or perhaps moved to our pile by the street snow plough was at one layer. Another layer had encapsulated a fruit snack wrapper - not the brand I buy. In the bottom layer, a precious find; the missing mud flap.feom my passenger side front wheel hub of my car.

  2. Good find, the front wheel hub of your car. I was out this morning with my ice chopper -- the one on a handle like a rake. I was just testing out the ice to see if it would flip off of the sidewalk if I could get under it, or if it was there to stay. I found it was the latter and I am not going to fight with it. I am just going to try to walk safely on the ice and down the back alley. Or alternately take the front route which is much safer, though a little longer.

    Good to know that the snow plough keeps your road clean. And also good to know that the cigarette package and the fruit wrapper were not from your garbage, so at least that is safe in this weather.

    I hope today's Valentine celebration works out for you. I will be going over next door to see if there are lacy hearts and red cupids in the mix.