Friday, February 2, 2018


From Wyona

I bought so many scarves here that I need to buy another suitcase. This will be a suitcase for Zoe to take to Nova Scotia. We only brought one suitcase over to London and our Carry-0ns. So we are good to take another suitcase back. The scarves here are different than London, cheaper, some warmer. 

I bought them at the market for 2 euro instead of 5 euro near Grand Place. I saw a silk one yesterday, well more than one that cost 40 euros but so silk and lovely. Do you want one Arta? I know Marcia does not want one. Tonia is  not spending her newfound cash from the sale of her house.

It is rainy and perhaps snowy today. Greg and I shall still brave the rain for Chez Antoine, Leonidas, the bead store, and more scarves.


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