Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tosca - the Encore

Puccini's Tosca practising her final leap

Todd Heisler/The New York Times 

Today was the encore of Tosca, coming to us via HD Live.

I think the set designer said it best when he mentioned that HD live was a godsend to him.

The camera comes so close that you can even read the message on the notes that Scarpia is making.

So set designer's (John McFarlane) penchant for detail was rewarded in that every detail has to be clear since the viewers can now see it with the camera.

I had a wonderful time.

No need for candy to keep me awake, nor for that little extra bit of alertness that can come from a can of Coke.

The theatre was full of old people -- like us.  Many had brought their picnic lunches since the opera is over three hours long.  I will bet that there were more celiacs, people with diabetes, hearing problems, balance problems or bladder problems than in all of the other theatres in the complex combined.  A mistake to have the show in a theatre that has no bannisters or handrails.

And people don't get out often enough.  Many women had trouble in the rest rooms getting the water in the sinks to run, so there they were with soap all over their hands.  I have to admit that it took me a while to find just the right place for the sensor myself.

If you read the review below, and see that messiness is not just something that plagues ordinary lives, you will miss the wonderful point of this day at the theatre.  I told Wyona I felt as though I had been in Rome.  Just a wonderful day filled with intrigue, beauty, musicality and a thrill for a prairie girl who had no idea she would see such spectacles as can be seen with HD Live.  Just wonderful!

And now for the gossipiest article about backstage troubles which were not reflected at all in the performances.

Michael Cooper fills in the details with a headline of Behind the Scenes of ‘Tosca,’ the Messiest Production in Met History

A great article for behind the scences at the Met.


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