Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Activism is a Choice

When I read Catherine's letter, I thought to myself that I would write a letter in support of her position.  I also know that the longer I leave that action, the less likely I am to do it.  Today I am packing, tomorrow I am flying ... and suddenly I could see I wasn't going to get it done.

But I wanted to do it.  Especially since I have just been on a cruise where I could not keep my eyes off of the possible immigrants.  Deep in my heart is the picture of those people on the boat who were working to keep the rest of us having a grand time.  I listened to their stories, their vain hopes that someday they can immigrate, I think about the place where I live, the freedoms I enjoy, the prospect for upward mobility for me, their difficult lives -- 7 months away from their loved ones, as was the case for the steward for our room.  He was working there because his daughter has leukemia, having sold his house to pay for treatments and they needed more money.  I know there are stories like this all around us, but still, it seems like there must be something one can do to change the tide for at least some who have a chance to immigrate here.

So I just bit the bullet and wrote my letter to Jason Kenney.

I couldn't make the impassioned plea that Catherine did.  Just a few words from me, and I cc-ed her.

She thanked me, and said I should post it on the blog. Here it is.


Dear Minister Kenney,
I regret to inform you that you are not on the right track with your “crackdown” on foreign criminals. 
Please, give these immigrants a fair chance. 
What you term as endless appeals is actually the justice system at work for all of us.
Do not deny them justice.  That will be the first step toward denying justice for us all.
Rethink the government's flawed position.
Yours for a better Canada,
Arta Johnson
2427 26 Ave N.W.
Calgary, AB  T2M 2H1 
Phone:  403 282-2025

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