Friday, June 1, 2012


Checking Out Thee Mall
centre bottom -- the beginning of the barricades
The preparations for the Jubilee are everywhere.

Touristic souvenirs are everywhere: mugs with the Queen's face, scarves, purses, a free celebration dish towel with the purchase of the morning's paper, flags on banners, 3 story posters, shop windows decorated to celebrate her majesty's reign. The theme is the Union Jack -- on cupcakes, on the oyster pass, on eco-friendly shopping bags.

This is the morning we are leaving for the cruise ship.  I love going through the tube and looking at the posters warning people that there will be crowds everywhere, and travel will not be as easy as it usually is.

Although we won't be here for the official holiday, it has been lovely watching layer after layer of decoration added to buildings and lamp posts.
... lumber coming to The Mall ...

Duncan's school has been celebrating the last two days. I walked him to school on Thursday, for it was the day everyone was to come dressed as a king, queen, prince or princess.

Yesterday was red, white and blue day. This might not seem like much of a celebration to anyone unless they have to wear school uniforms -- in Duncan's case, yellow and navy, day after day.

 Not only was the dress code put aside for the day, but they had a yard party -- Duncan came home with a sunburn, since no one could have anticipated that the sun would actually come out!



  1. It is 1:30 here. I've just finished one and a half hours of typing on my project, I mamaged to come to clarity on a problem long puzzled over. I did it, and I feel so good.

    Thanks for the above two blogs. Have a great cruise: I am so happy for you. Love Kelvin

  2. I was there. I watched Arta take this picture. I cannot believe I did not run in front of the camera. The British memorbilia are here in Brussels and I can buy some things cheaper here than in London.