Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Minister Kenney Invites Feedback

I am blogging a letter from Catherine Jarvis to Minister Kenney.  She hopes her letter will be among those that make the government's initiative on this matter become a public discussion. 

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Dear Minister Kenney,

In response to your email below, I will absolutely NOT support your petition.  Your declared intention to change refugee laws to "keep criminals off our streets" is a simplification of a complicated process.  Most refugees come to Canada fleeing violence and unimaginable circumstances.  These are vulnerable people who deserve fair and reasonable processing.  To make this processes punitive and difficult for the majority, because of the few who abuse the system, is unjust.  

I am additionally outraged by Bill-31 which is intended to make it very difficult for refugees to access medical care.  You are claiming it is being done to correct a system which gives refugees better health care than most Canadians.  You fail to mention to the public that the poorest Canadians (welfare recipients) do receive the same care that was previously being offered to refugees.   Additionally you fail to mention that refugees in general use far less tax payer dollars each year in medical services than the average Canadian.  You also fail to mention that your cuts will actually restrict basic health care for refugees so that they will now receive care far below the standard offered to most Canadians.  To only allow them to access urgent care will lead to congest of our emergency rooms, which will not be for the good of Canadians, and will ultimately cost the health care system more.  I believe your changes are not justified and will harm the most vulnerable in our society. I do not think these changes are in Canada's best interest. I think this government is absolutely moving in the wrong direction in this regard.  

I have no intention of supporting this online petition and am offended that this government is using government email addresses to invite members of the public to sign such petitions.  At your invitation below, I will absolutely forward this email to my friends and invite them to protest against this governments proposals.  

Every medical association in Canada has now denounced these changes.  It is shocking that these organizations were not consulted about this legislation nor offered an opportunity to work together with the government to suggest changes to the refugee health care system, if changes are necessary.  I am hoping you are willing to dialogue with and listen to Canadians who disagree with your position, not just to those who think like you do. 

Dr. Catherine Jarvis

From: jason.kenney@parl.gc.ca
To: jarvis_catherine1@hotmail.com
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 12:56:14 -0400
Subject: Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals

This month we introduced the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act (Bill C-43). Convicted foreign criminals and fraudsters should not be able to rely on endless appeals as a loophole in order to delay their deportation from Canada. That only endangers ordinary Canadian families.

Below is a link to a media report about the proposed legislation:

Critics for both the Liberal and NDP parties have strongly criticized this law, choosing instead to defend the flawed appeal process that keeps foreign criminals on our streets.

If you disagree with them and want us to go ahead with this new law, please sign the petition at

It is important that you let me know if you think we are on the right track.

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PS: As always, please forward this e-mail to your friends. Ask them to sign the petition if they support this legislation.

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