Wednesday, June 27, 2012


From Wyona

Hello from Ketchican,

Thanks to Dave Wood and Moiya,  Greg and I had a fabulous ride on the train from Skagway Alaska across the border to Canada and back. White Pass and Yukon Route.

Gateway to the Yukon was the name of the train.

... look carefully for those 4 flags ...

This picture is at the top of the pass where the Alaska/Yukon border lies.

Notice the North West Mounted Police Shack and the Canadian, Yukon, Alaskan and US flags which fly together.

This is half way up the ride where there is a siding so trains can pass.

The Steam Engine train is passing our train and there is an engine just like our engine in front of us.

This is a valley picture showing the train track on the left, the car highway in the center plus the valley and creek below. The train route was built to accommodate the gold rush in the early 1900’s by Mr. Close who was advised by his lawyers not to build the railroad. The rights to build it cost him 10,000 pounds and it cost $10,000,0000 to complete it. He sold the railroad in 1951. Now it is a great tourist attraction and a brilliant ride.

I wish all the train lovers like Gabe and Dave could have been with us. We can always keep our nose to the ground and find other steals of a deal in Alaskan cruises.

Such a long train.

There were just nine passenger cars on our train.

Usually there are 16 passenger cars holding 40 passengers and charging $120.00 for the 3.15 hour ride up and back.

We chose the afternoon ride which turned out to the best because the morning ride was foggy.

Are we having fun!!

Greg bought a crushed drink at the dinner table that night because he was so happy that he filled one of his childhood dreams on this day.

His dream was to ride on the outside of a train and up and back through the mountains.


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  1. OK. even though i mocked the alaska cruise a little bit, that was only because so much of it was like life on the westcoast in general. That being said, you are right. it is a fabulous trip, and we too loved the train ride up the mountain. But... we didn't take the train down: we rented bikes and rode back down the mountain. now THAT was a heartstopping adventure...