Friday, June 1, 2012

Dollis Valley Greenwalk

... under the overpass ...

I am going to miss my morning walks. Each one has taken me a little further away from home.

What I can't manage in the way of clarity, is to find my way between the stretches that follow this creek for more than an estimated five hours of walking.

Now I wait at the end of the path and then ask a passerby if I can follow them through the twists and turns of city streets to the next quiet walkway.

 I would never have thought to make my way under this overpass to get to the next destination without the help of someone who pulled me across the street because the path came to a close on one side of the street, but continued on the other.
... vines and deadfall ...
Yes, I am going to miss the morning walks. Still, I woke up long before the others this morning, for I am anticipating the fun of getting on the train, and then the boat.

How the others can sleep, I don't know.

 I even called Bonnie to see if she was still up, ... and yes, the Shuswap has not closed down for the night, when we are still getting up.
... a hollow log encircled with vines ...

 Their weekend began with a canoe ride -- David and she, paddling down to the end of Annis Bay Estates and back.

People who live there year round came out to wave, as did Glen and Janet.

 Bonnie thinks she may have heard Glen encouraging David to try standing up in the canoe.

That might be an adventure for another day.



  1. Some day soon I will be there to way to the canoers or I may find myself paddling away a little further each day.

  2. The lake was calm again today, so David, his friend Jack and I headed to Johnson's point. One fish jumped at least five jumps in a row, so it almost looked like a smooth rock that someone threw across the surface making it skip. David bravely lifted a large spider out of the front of the canoe with his paddle. We took turns saying what song our paddles would sing if they could speak. We watched an Osprey dive for fish. A fellow at Johnson's point stepped out on his porch to tell the boys that the Osprey had been after a Loon this morning with no success. We headed back for shore when drops of rain began to make tiny circles of waves across the lake. Then off to see the most beautiful landfill view ever at 2 mile road in Sicamous then we had to take a quick hike at Sicamous creek, knowing the spring run off would make the waterfall powerful. The plugins are in blossom, the baby blue eyes are popping up in the meadow reach. And Moiya noted that Wyona's cherry tree will be heavily laden with fruit this year.