Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vigo, Spain

How does one compensate for camera shake on a boat?
Rebecca stood on the balcony taking pictures this morning. I was behind her, reading to her about the city of Vigo, the growing population of 300,000, and the Vigo Bay which is 20 miles long and 3 miles wide and is said to be sufficiently deep to hold all of the combined fleets of the world.

The seagulls were circling the ship, doing fly-bys so quickly that Rebecca couldn’t focus and click on a bird before it was long gone.

Some people above us must have been throwing crumbs for it wasn’t long before the air was thick with gulls. When I was in Istanbul, I had seen a family come on board a ferry. They had with them many crumbs – bags full. When they got their kids set up at the right angles, they throw the crumbs behind the ferry, into the air, and suddenly there were swarms of birds, at the back of the ferry, as well as along the sides.

Where is a seagull flying by when I need one?
So, this morning, I was wishing I had a few crumbs to help Rebecca out with her camera project. The day was forecast rain. I slipped out of the boat, anyway, at the very least, hoping to be able to walk along the large shopping centre that is across the road from the place where the ships dock. I needed to have Wyona with me, for it was taking me forever to decide what to purchase. I can do that job quickly when she is with me. What took me 1 ½ hours, I could have done in ten minutes with her at my side. I know it is now or never, for she will be shortly moving along to spread her money over many shops instead of spend it all in one places, as I might do. There was rain outside, but there is never rain when I am happily looking at fashion and fun in the Spanish shops.


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