Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wet? I think so!!!

Here is the boat loading ramp looking at highway bridge and train bridge in Sicamous

From the highway looking down in Sicamous

The "Red Barn" in Sicamous

Sicamous Sands: The park is under water, the parking lot closed, park benches and tables under water

Aiden having too much fun in the flood zone

can you find the cherry tree at our beach?

At our beach looking east

A view of Sicamous Sands from the highway bridge


  1. Hello,

    Arta here. And who is this writing.

    Great pics! This is just what we have been looking for! So cute of Aiden in the flood zone. And is that Dave and Des I see in the water. And wah, wah, where did our beach go. And no ... but maybe yes, I can find the cherry tree. Is it behind the willow that is laying down in the water.

    Thank you ghost photographer and writer.


  2. Amazing pictures Moiya. And Aiden is having so much fun. Can hardly wait to get my feet wet.

  3. Ok. I feel better now. I was wondering how our property was doing and I know we aren't close to the lake but the mud slide issue down the mountain was concerning me. Thanks for the update and please let us know if anything changes about the flood. Thanks Moiya!

  4. Alex and I were just looking at the (fantastic) photos! Alex says he wishes he were there!