Friday, June 22, 2012

Going Home

 From Rebecca:

The sun still in the sky at 11pm on July 21!

I am in the Maple Leaf Lounge in the airport in Edmonton. 

I just left Yellowknife (or rather, "Dettah" in Chief Drygeese Territory), after spending a week in the land of the midnight sun.  Amazing!

Now, I am waiting for my flight back to London (yikes to a 7 hour layover in Edmonton....)

...looking down on the North Saskatchewan River...
Believe it or not, though I lived here for 3 years during law school, I never ONCE flew into or out Edmonton before today!

Here is the view from the sky approaching Edmonton.


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  1. Kelvin here, and anxiously hoping that more memories are forthcoming in future blogs. All you have written is so familiar to me, and thanks for the photos! The 7 hour flight will give you synthesizing time if you can't sleep! I have been following with interest the politcal news coming out of the Native North! Now yours!