Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodbye London

Goodbye London. 

I will miss you.

I don’t suppose it matters how long I would have stayed here – there would have always been this feeling of oh no, I didn’t get this done or that done ....

Then a person could fill in the blanks: do enough around the house, take the kids enough places, get the final weeding done on the garden, talk enough about the paper Rebecca wants to do next, visit with Steve ... ad infinitum.

This morning Rea and I are planning on transferring pictures from my computer to hers, finding the 1040 EZ American Income Tax Form (I have yet to file mine), carving out the last few minutes to outline a paper, and trying to do what takes us all morning under the best of circumstances – just get the kids off to school.

For the Canadian kids, school is over. But here in Britain there are three week or more left, which puts a new twist on having a long summer holiday.

I have been wishing that I could stay long enough to work my way through the events listed in the 139 page London 2012 Festival Guide.  I have been looking it over.

The Shakespeare Exhibition at the British Museum isn’t due to open for 2 weeks.

I would have loved a full day there. Last night Steve was dropping lines like, “I guess I will just have to see the Edward Munch Scream Exhibit without you, Arta.”

 I am sad to be leaving, especially since he turned a corner last month.

When he was out with Duncan, they got tickets to see Rock of Ages – no pressure from anyone on any side for them to attend.

 ... Finchley to the west, High Barnet to the east ...
Then Steve took Rebecca to see the show again on Sunday – after they had viewed a showing of West Side Story with a live orchestra at the Barbican the same day.

Too bad Steve is going down the slippery slope of going to musical theatre just as I leave.



  1. hahahha.... how is it that you just barely left my house in London, and are already working on the next task list back in Calgary?!

  2. One must never say goodbye to London. Merely Au Revoir!