Friday, June 1, 2012

Top Hat

Scene from Top Hat

Wednesday, Wyona and I went from theatre to theatre in an attempt to find tickets for our last three days here. She is the one who wanted to see Top Hat.

We had seen Singing in the Rain as well as Chicago, and the choice for the last day was between Wah,Wah Girls, or War Horse, or Noises On, Noises Off, or Top Hat.

At the Aldwych, she cut a deal at the box office -- premium seats for the cost of the seats one level down. 

Then she stayed in London Central to shop for the day.  I slipped back up to Woodside Park for the afternoon, which is only relevant because on the way back to the theatre, I found Greg taking shelter under the North London Hospice awning, waiting until the deluge of rain was finished before travelling home from his day at St. Paul's.  He had been dampened down by the rain, but was not soaked yet. Since the third ticket was for him, he just shared my umbrella and we headed back into town for an evening never to be forgotten.

The woman who sat next to me said it best.  She told me that she rarely does musical theatre but that her friend had told her she must not miss this one. 

When the intermission came she turned to me and said, "I must come back to this right away.  Fantastic."

I felt the same way.

More coming later.


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  1. Watching Top Hat in London was as good as watching TCM.