Saturday, June 16, 2012


Steve keeps asking if anyone wants to play Bingo. That is what his mom, Verlaine, liked to do: play Bingo and have enough American cash to enjoy time in the Casino. American cash is all you can used there. And a person is only allowed to take out $2,000 a day on their account. This doesn’t make me say ouch, but maybe others may resent the restriction.

At any rate, Steve keeps asking if anyone wants to play Bingo, and I always say “Count me out.” However, we have been thinking about the idea with vegetables, that a person something has to try something 17 times until they know if they do like a vegetable or not. Perhaps this is true about Bingo as well. Rebecca, Steve, Duncan and I were in the Alhambra Theatre, waiting for a show to start, and he said again, “One quick game. Come on, Arta. Join the group.” “I would rather smoke a cigarette,” I replied. “I would like to see that,” he said. “Alright. Alright. I will join the group”

He bought the cards for four. It was Rebecca who shouted Bingo on the one quick game for $500. It was Duncan who went crazy with happiness over the win.

“Now, a couple of days later, I asked Rebecca, “Do you want to go play Bingo again?” “No thanks.” Even the thrill of the win doesn’t make her want to go back ... or me.


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