Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day - My Grandfather

From Bonnie

I like nothing better than a piece of apple pie. In part it is because apple pie invariably flashes me back to the kitchen breakfast nook in Grandpa Doral's house, Doral sitting at the table looking at the steaming pie with the reverence reminiscent of the sacrament table.

He would serve everyone else first, and then eat the last piece right out of the pie shell.

I thought that looked like such fun, but did notice his generosity did not leave him with the lion's share.

That might have been hard to notice since we all had our faces  were staring at our slice, mmming and ahhhing while chewing, taking in deep breaths through our noses so as to enjoy every last air born apple pie molecule.

And then there were the times when there was enough pie to spare.

"Grandpa, how much cream should I pour on?"

"As much as you like. If you have left over cream on your plate you can always add another slice of pie, or if you are left with only a final bite of pie, well add a little more cream.  Make it even out."


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