Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sicamous and BC Floods

Just wondering if anyone out at Shuswap could give the rest of us a little bit further away an update on what is happening with the flooding in the area.  I know Sicamous has been hit pretty hard with rain, mud slides, roads giving way, and houses falling into rivers etc.

What is happening at Annis Bay?

An update would be fantastic.


  1. Hi Tonia,
    Although I don't fit the criteria of someone out at Shuswap posting some pics about Annis Bay, I have been watching the news as have you. Did you see this one on the CBC this morning: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/06/27/bc-floods-evacuation-shuswap-kootenay.html

    When I call Annis Bay I get news from Moiya like, I went down to the lake in my car, just to sit there and watch how high the water is -- no ramp to be seen and the water up around the apple tree -- and more rain forecast. But that news was a few days ago. When I beg for pictures from Bonnie, she reminds me that she left the chord to transfer her pics from her camera onto her computer in Calgary. Alas, who can we call on next?


  2. Here it is from Annis Bay residents + a semi-resident (Des)

    The water is very high. Today it was about 9 ft above the ramp. There are tons of logs floating in the lake which make boating near impossible. David, Aiden and I(Des) went to check out Annis bag residents via a fishing boat. There are a few homes in the water and quite a few with sand bags baricading their homes. David, Moiya, Aiden, Celeste and I went to Sicamous today to check out the damage. It's pretty bad and there are quite a few homes under water. There is a lot of sand-bagging with the waterfront homes but even well into the streets some are sand-bagging. Here are some pics you might recognize.