Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Art of Horiyoshi III
Dragon on Rocks / sumi on silk
At Somerset House there is an exhibition called Kokoro: The Art of Horiyoshi III.

One of the lovely parts of having leisure in London is to be able to wander the shops and galleries at my leisure.

I came across Somerset House by accident.

My regular bus stop by the Waterloo Bridge is not available because there is road construction going on.

Details from Somerset House
So I wandered to the east, looking for another place to catch the bus and when I looked up I was in front of the that lovely building.

Having fond memories of being there with Glen and Janet, I wandered in over the cobblestones and then along the halls, and even to the back of the building.

I watched the Thames for a while before going back in, thinking I would enjoy at least one of the current exhibits.

Details from Somerset House
One is never enough, it seems.

I mean, looking at one exhibit.

I found a display of an artisan jeweler, and then looked for another exhibit

I could not finding that hallway easily.

Details from Somerset House
Being impatient,  I went outside and did as Wyona does -- hopped any bus.

But not before taking a shot of a crow on a statue.  That would be an essay in itself, since one of my less interesting observations is that there is a raven/crow/pigeon on the head of every statue.

This observation might be what gave Hans Christian Anderson the idea to create his story that involved a statue and a bird.

I found out this is not a good idea from this spot unless I wanted to cross Waterloo Bridge.

...testing equipment for a show...
Still I got to see acrobats, testing out their outside equipment at the National Arts Outside event, happening along the south side of the River Thames.

I only saw this by accident, leaping off the bus mid-bridge and looking around to find a way to get under the bridge and try to get to the north side of the bridge.

I don't think there is a way to describe what it is like to stand there, hanging my head over the bridge, enjoy the air coming off of the river, and think that I have no agenda.

...testing equipment for a show...
I can watch all day, if I wish -- and probably see the whole show.


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  1. Sommerset house is beautiful and used year round. There are movies and music concerts in the courtyard in the summer. That is where I saw Adele perform in 2009, before she her second CD became a world renowned collections of songs. A delightful large place that strangely enough is easy to pass by if you don't know what it is.