Friday, June 1, 2012

Passing through London

"a moment in Rebecca's backyard"


And now, there has only been a passing moment here in London, between Wyona and me before Greg and she continued their trip.

Oh, she and I might have gone out on the town, but to us, that involves getting on the C2 double decker bus, up Regent Street to Oxford Circus, and then riding back down the same street on the 88 double decker bus.  Then we do that same trip again.

And why not?  We watched the shoppers carrying their bags, and then our eyes turn to the obvious tourists standing on corners with their Guides to London, trying to figure out just where they are.  Even we have the guides in our pockets, Wyona purchasing a new one; me using the 2005 edition.  How much can really have changed in London, I reason.

...this woman will not let me take a normal candid ...

I was standing at a bus stop with her, waiting to go up to Camden when a man started a conversation with Wyona, obviously trying to pick her up. She absolutely ignored him, trying to figure out a way to get past the bus diversion and on with her agenda.

We met a more interesting man in the park the day before. We had packed a lunch and he told us he would meeting us in Cavendish Park. We picked up food in Lewis and Clark's basement which was an adventure in itself. By the time her basket was full, we had only done the dessert isle and then was still the main course to get into our cart. So? Before the theatre, a lovely banquet in the park with Greg, part of the time shooing away the pigeons from our repast. People walked through the park whom Greg knew. Only in London.


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  1. Oh, Rebecca's lovely backyard where I will find myself again tonight for the last time. A man who tires of London is tired of life itself.