Monday, July 2, 2012

Across John Laurie

Cribbage or a walk?  I will take the walk.
Zoe and I took a walk today trying to find the most direct way to bicycle path that parallels John Laurie Boulevard.

We wend our way through footpaths that lead to Chippewa, Crocus Road and then we hop over a low fence and walk through the prairie grasses until we get to the paved bicycle path.
 -- 3 deer -- finally -- I got a shot
I thought it would be fun to climb the hill right up to the road and walk along the chain
link fence that marks the perimeter of the path.

Zoe is the one who spotted the deer across the highway.

We ran along the fence trying to get good pictures of them.

The best I can say is that the deer are well camouflaged. I could never catch them in my viewfinder.

One more thing about our walk -- the mosquitoes had voracious appetites.  



  1. I love Nose Hill park (and Zoe and Arta).
    Go buy some really strong bug spray for that park. It is all natural, including the mosquitoes.

  2. Zoé, when will you be coming to the lake? There are deer here too.