Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cousin Party in Montreal. Xavier Brooks spent the last two weeks in Montreal with the Jarvis gang. Highlights of the cousin party included: 1. Water pad 2. Movie making 3. Tons of freezies 4. Staying up late every night 5. Outdoor swimming pools 6. Watching Lord of the Rings 7. Computer games 8. Making dessert and dinner 9. 30 minutes of work everyday out of every child (Catherine's addition) My house has never looked better 10. Putting together and staining dining room chairs--and getting paid for it. I can't wait for the next cousin party.

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  1. Does the 30 minutes of housework every day include washing up after breakfast, lunch and supper, or is the 30 minutes exclusive of the help after meals.

    Just asking, as it seems a good rule to institute now that Ceilidh, Meighan and Dalton are staying over for a week.

    Last night we did 50 minutes of chain-gang labour getting the area ready so that we can have marshmallow roasts when you get here. Dalton said the work was so hard he would rather be taking golf lessons, which is the other excruciatingly painful amount of effort he has been making during the day.

    Would you believe they had to carry their own clubs? What a rip-off!

    And they had to get appropriate golf gear to wear at the club. ie, a collared shirt-- and golf cleats.

    Yes, all of that just one step above working with a rake and pick-axe in the back yard.