Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day Celebrations

"Oh Canada ... where pines and maples grow"
How did you celebrate Canada Day?

At our house, Kelvin went to church twice (a devotional connected with the Mormon Historical Association and his regular sacrament service).

Both times he got to sing "O Canada" -- all four verses.

In the Globe and Mail, I read about the new works of five young Canadian authors.  If that doesn't count, I also listened to music on CBC radio from Parliament hill.  If that doesn't count, I saw some cupcakes yesterday that were decorated with a Canadian flag poked into each top.  I only ate them just with my eyes -- not a crumb crossed my lips, so maybe that doesn't count.  The day before, I went out in the evening with my bag slung over my shoulder, a bag that is created with a Union Jack print.  I wore a matching scarf.  For sure that doesn't count, even if I hummed "Hail Britannia, Britannia rules the waves", as I walked!

Anyone with any other kind of patriotic celebrations than those above.



  1. I went out for lunch with friends, saw the movie Prometheus, made cookies batter, walked up and down trendy Osbourne street closed of from traffic for Canada day, and watched the fireworks from a bridge shot off at The Forks just off Winnipeg's downtown core. I did not wear any red or white. That I did not plan. Still a wonderful 1-4-5 for Canada!

  2. Hi Tonia,

    I liked it that you made cookie batter. As well, for Canada Day, I collected a new recipe: butter tarts unbounded. They end up being a square, instead of a tart -- but with the same delicious ingredients. Aren't butter tarts truly Canadian -- in the category with sugar pie and Nanaimo bars?


  3. Just checked the words to Rule Britannia as I was unsure once I read your 'Hail Britannia' start:

    Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves

  4. The next line should be:

    And shall never, never, never take slaves!

    (Oops! Too late!)