Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner for Three - From Bonnie

Amanda, Teryn, Nicholai, David and I went up into the woods to pick wild strawberries. 

Actually, we were on Pilling Road, which in the Wintertime is known as Tobaggan Run.  Teryn was getting chastised for eating too fast and picking too few.  I am a very good strawberry picker, so i would pick them and put them in her hand, then she would drop them in the bucket, and get alot of praise from her mother.

We saw a snake.  Amanda was not fast enough to catch it, though she tried.  We did find a snake skin.  We also found a slug. 

The kids had the idea that this would be a good snack for the adults who were at home, so we went back to glens, and found a platter, and bowl to put over each of our offerings.

David Wood, Janet and Glen were the victims. 

Glen got first pick:  the strawberries. 

Janet and David Wood screamed appropriately at their selection.
Signed, Bonnie (through her scribe, Rebecca)

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  1. Tell Nicholai and Teryn that Laynie ate a banana slug when she was young -- maybe 18 months or less. She was found with half the huge slug in her mouth. Mmmm. Slimey.