Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Duck Pond

I love the early morning walks.

Well, I tell myself that, but when I really enjoy them is half way through them, ... and of course I like the feeling when they are over.

And of course, there is a certain euphoria in knowing I did it again -- I woke up, and took the appropriate exercise steps to keep me ticking.
In Alberta I have a stretch of wild daisies, transplanted from B.C. the seed tossed in the gravel and sand beside my garage.

They are to remind me that the daisies will grow anywhere.
Alberta Cinquefoil

I was surprised to see the cinquefoil planted in the parking lot of the Children's Hospital, since I had detoured through there on my way to the duck pond on my last walk in Alberta before coming out to B.C.

I like the surprise of seeing what I know as the wild plants, domesticated and used for decoration on dry prairie ground around the hospital.

 Bonnie and I have been walking in the morning's in B.C.

We have been measuring how far we can go at Larchhaven and how fast we can go in an hour.

She claims that I can pass her on the incline, and she wonders why I am so slow when we are going downhill.

That is because I work at going uphill.  I change my breathing pattern and my stride, because I don't want to be at the last of the pack -- and my desire to keep up with the group can put me right at the front of any number of walkers.
... foxtails on an Alberta prairie ...

I use the decline for gawking. I have to slow down and take everything in. At the Shuwswap that has to include observing where the water has come down and washed out small gullies at Shuswap Estate Developments, looking at the million dollar house built on the west side of the bay that now has water in its basement, staring at the logs that are starting to line the shoreline since the water is receding.

Why wouldn't a person want to take a slower pace when there is so much to see?


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