Sunday, July 15, 2012

Roxy Stewart

Many of you will remember Roxy Stewart (as she is now named).  She and Reid were married for a time and many of you will remember her sweet smile and earnest manner.

She passed away on Tuesday after her second battle with brain cancer.  She leaves behind her two young girls (the youngest is not yet 2 years old), and her husband Rob.

She lived in Ottawa for a time and was in my ward where I got a chance to know her well.  I loved how sincere and honest she was in all her conversations.  She really cared about those around her.  She and her family moved back to Alberta a few years ago.  In my ward here in Ottawa she has a very good friend -- Angie.

Angie is putting together a book of stories about Roxy for her girls.  She knows that people will tell them all the time what a wonderful person their mother was, but Angie wants them to have specific stories about their mother to read.

So if you have any stories or fond memories of Roxy that you would like to share, let me know and I will pass them along to Angie for you.

I wish I had a picture of Roxy to post as I remember her in my mind. 

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  1. So tragic. I saw her about eight years ago coming out of the 17the Ave Chapel. She had recently fought her first bout of cancer, was engaged and life seemed to be looking up for her. It appears her life was going well and it is tragic that she has died leaving behind such a young family. If I remember any stories or information about her I will send you an email Mary. Thank you for letting us know about her passing.