Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holidays for Bonnie

Bonnie officially began her holidays today.  That is why we are in Salmon Arm at the Health Unit, finishing off just one last report.  What a lucky job she has -- she is allowed to go in and work on her day off.

I came along with her for I really am on holidays -- have been ever since I retired.  Today I toured the new Askews that is up on 30 Avenue.  I tried to buy some lighter fluid -- the best product I know for taking labels off of book covers, for example.  But Askews is health conscious and they don't sell any tobacco products.  "They don't sell tobacco at the drug store anymore, and since we have an on-site drug store, we just decided to be tobacco free," the man said.

"Alcohol?", Bonnie quiried.

"None of that either," the store assistant replied.

"Chcolate?", she continued.

Apparently she has a list of venal sins that could extend through many conversations.


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